Shoes handcrafted over a painstaking & laborious process perfected over a century of expert craftsmanship.

All of our shoes are made to order and hand-made in Spain by the best artisans in the country. Whether you book an appointment with us to customize your own creation or choose one of our ready-made models below, your 4-6 weeks delivery time will be well worth the wait when you put on your very own pair of custom shoes by Ian Rios New York.

All of our items are handmade in Spain using the best selected leather skins and sartorial fabrics. The best artisans collaborate in the manufacturing process by hand-cutting, hand-painting and hand-stitching every product.Every shoe is worked on by nearly 60 different artisans in the process.

For shoes with a patina, one of the best patina artists in Spain handpaints the high quality leather, giving you a one of a kind finish that’s unique to your pair of shoes. 

Book an appointment to craft our own style or choose from one of the lovingly designed and selected ones below chosen by our expert team. 

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